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Course Taught

Undergraduate Courses

(1) Water and Wastewater Engineering,(2) Water and Wastewater Network Project, (3) Water Treatment Plant Design, (4) Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, (5) Water Chemistry and Microbiology, (6) Water Quality Laboratory, (7) Physical and Chemical Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment, (8) Rural Water Supply, (9) Environmental Sanitation, (10) Introduction to Water and Wastewater Treatment, (11) Introduction to Environmental Engineering.

Graduate Courses

(1) Groundwater, (2) Wastewater Treatment, (3) Water treatment, (4) Water Distribution Systems, (5) Wastewater Collection Systems, (6) Water Quality Control.

Short Courses for Practitioners

(1) Water Distribution Networks, (2) Water Chemistry, (3) Water Treatment Processes, (4) Wastewater Treatment Processes.



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