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Professional Activities

University Services

· Member of committee for Safety, Health and Environment. (2007-present). IUT. 

· Member of various departmental committees. (1994-Present). Department of Civil Engineering, IUT.

· Honorary Academic Member. (1997-2002). Department of Natural Resources, IUT.

· Librarian. (1995-99). Department of Civil Engineering, IUT.

· Member of Committee for Research Project Evaluation and Grant. (1994-99). IUT.

· Adjunct Member (1995-97). Water and Power Research and Educational Complex, Ministry of Energy, Isfahan, Iran.

· Adjunct Member. (1994-95). Department of Environment, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

· Establishing and Commissioning Environmental Eng. Lab. (1985-89, Nov. 2007-present). Department of Civil Engineering, IUT.


· Water Standards Reviewer. (1996-2002). Office of Technical Affairs and Technical Criteria Establishment, Management and Planning Organization, Tehran, Iran.

· Project Supervisor. (1993-Present). Municipal, industrial, and consulting engineers clients, Iran.

Membership on Scientific Committees

· Member of Scientific committee. (Oct. 7-9, 2008). 2nd National Conference on Operation & Maintenance of Water & Wastewater Systems (organized by University of Industry of Water and Electricity (Abaspour), Tehran, Iran).

· Member of Scientific committee. (Jan. 23-24, 2007). 4th National Congress on Civil Engineering. (organized by University of Tehran).

· Member of Scientific committee. (Jan. 23-24, 2007). 2nd Conference on Water Quality Management in Iran (organized by IUT, Isfahan, Iran).

· Member of Scientific committee. (Mar. 8, 2007). 1st Regional Seminar on Water (organized by Islamic Azad University of Behbahan, Behbahan, Iran).

· Member of Scientific committee. (Apr. 29-May 1, 2003). 6th Int. Conference on Civil Engineering (organized by IUT, Isfahan, Iran).

· Member. (1994-1999). Committee on Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Isfahan Science and Technology Town, Isfahan, Iran.

· Member. (1994-1999). Committee on Environmental Aspects of Large Dams, Iranian National Committee for Large Dams (IRCOLD), Iran

· Member. (1997-98). Technical  Group  on  Research  Projects  Evaluation  and  Committee  for  Environment  and Sustainable Development, National Scientific Research Council (NSRC), Iran.

· Member of Scientific committee. (Sep. 30-Oct. 2, 1997). 3rd Conference on Survey of Issues and Challenges Facing Water & Wastewater Industry (organized by Isfahan Water and Sewage Co., Isfahan, Iran).

· Member. (Apr. 21-25, 1997). Technical  Advisory  and  National  Steering  Committees, 8th  International  Conference on Rainwater   Catchment   Systems (organized  by   the   Ministry  of  Jihad-E-Sazandegi  in cooperation with the  Rainwater  Catchment  System  Association , Tehran, Iran).

Membership in Professional Societies

(1) International Water Association (IWA); (2) American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE); (3) Water Environment Federation (WEF); (4) California Water Environment Association (CWEA); (5) American Water Works Association (AWWA); (6) Iranian Association of Water Resources (IAWR); (7) Iranian Society of Environmentalists (IRSEN); (8) Iranian Hydraulic Association (IRHA).


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