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Research Experience

· Determination of Cyanide Fate of Mining  and Industrial Effluents after Discharge into the   Environment (Case Study of Mouteh Gold Mining). (2002-2004). Granted by Isfahan Management and Planning Organization.

· Reuse off Effluent of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Poly Acryl Factory for Irrigation Landscape Plants and Advanced Treatment of the Effluent by Overland Flow System. (2001-03). Granted by Poly Acryl Factory, Isfahan, Iran.

· A Revision of the Prohibition Act on Locating Industrial Establishments within a Distance of 50 km from Central Isfahan. (2001-02). Granted by Isfahan Provincial Directorate, Department of the Environment.

· Evaluation of Overland Flow Performance as a Complementary Treatment of Secondary Effluent. (2000-02). Granted by IUT.

· Distribution of Pollutant Loads in Urban Storm Water Discharges and the First Flush Phenomenon. (1998-00). Granted by IUT.

· Corrosion in Wastewater Collection Systems: A Case Study in Isfahan. (1998-00). Grant by National Scientific Research Council (NSRC), Iran.

· Evaluation of Quantity and Quality of Industrial Pollutants in Isfahan Province. (1998-00). Granted by Ministry of Industries, Iran.

· Evaluation of Urban Storm Water Pollutant Loads. (1996-98). Granted by IUT.

· Study of the Isfahan Steel Mill Company Wastewater. (1996-97). Granted by Isfahan Steel Mill Co.

· Impacts of Development on the Environment in Isfahan Province: Phase I. (1994-95). Granted by Isfahan Provincial Directorate, Department of the Environment.

· Controlling the Impact of Density Currents on the Performance of Activated Sludge Secondary Clarifiers. (1989-1993). Ph.D. Dissertation, Granted by University of California at Davis.

· Removal of Color from Wastewater of Textile Industries by Coagulation. (1983-84). M.Sc. Thesis, Granted by University of Tehran.


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