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Theses Supervised

1. Takht Kouseh, A. (2008). Evaluation of mineral wastes as adsorbent of lead from aqueous solutions.

2. Bohlooli, P. (2008). Application of activated sludge models (ASMs) in aerobic digestion.

3. Hosseinlou, R. (2008). Influence of natural additives on the activated sludge settleability.

4. Mani, E. (2007). Evaluation of chitosan as a coagulant in water treatment.

5. Zamani, S. (2007). Characterizing the quantity and quality of greywater and construction of  a treatment system for its reuse in green buildings

6. Fakhar Manesh, J. (2007). Assessment of affecting factors on enhancing the efficiency of phytoremediation in soils polluted with heavy metals.

7. Vardak, S. (2006). A survey of changes and prediction of quality in urban sewers: A case study of Susangerd main sewer.

8. Samani Majd, S. (2006). Vehicular lead and cadmium distribution in urban roadside soil.

9. Zadeh Bafghi, A.R. (2006). Effect of tillage and tailings impoundment dimensions on natural degradation of cyanide.

10. Jeirani, K. (2005). Phytoremediation of cyanide from industrial leachate.

11. Hatami, H. (2003). Investigation of performance of the overland flow system in COD reduction from industrial wastewater of Poly Acryl factory in Isfahan, Iran.

12. Fathollahi Dehkordi, F. (2003). Assessment of the Performance of Anzali Natural Wetland in Removing and Reducing Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Pollutants.

13. Hashemi Nejad, H. (2003). Investigation of migration and natural degradation of cyanide from industrial and mining wastewater in environment (Mouteh Gold Mine case study).

14. Eshtehardiha, M. (2001). A practical and economic procedure for corrosion control in operating sewage systems.

15. Razi, P. (2001). Evaluation of pollutants loading distribution in urban runoff.

16. Godoosi Shahrezai, H. (2001). Investigation of loading fluctuation impacts on overland flow performance in wastewater treatment.

17. Sanatizadeh, S. (2000). Characterization of urban runoff quality for use in quality management and planning.

18. Hekmatian, A.H. (1999). A model for prediction of sulfide formation in wastewater collection systems for controlling sewage corrosion.

19. Pour-Eshaq, M. (1999). Evaluation of stabilization ponds efficiencies in Isfahan Province.

20. Esmaeilian, M. (1999). Removal of color from textile industrial wastewater by chitosan and its comparison with activated carbon.

21. Voshtani, M. (1998). Estimation of non-point pollutant load in urban runoff.


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